egangotri 33: eGangotri 33: Scores of Sharada Manuscript from Kashmir. Almira 7 from Dharmarth Trust. Puneet Jyotishi/Peerzadah Sahib Collection

Dear All:

Writting after ages. mostly lethargy. I do have a lot of news.
And a prominent news is my Bill for just June 2020 : 4 Lakh 80 Thousand Rs for just 1 Month

Reason for High expenses in June 2020 explained.Basically I got a tip from a Scanning Engineer Wasim, that there is a new Scanner in the Market called Czur ET 16 Plus which has a productivity three times my regular 6+ year usage Fujitsu Scan Snap SV 600 Scanner. particularly because there is no post-processing/cropping involved. We experimented and witnessed the tremendous productivity rise. 4000-5000 pages in an 8-Hour Shift and no manual cropping. Click and the image is ready. Higher RAM also made a difference. 
Therefore, I went on a scanner and laptop revamp-drive – and also inverter purchase for each staff for Work from Home – and got my staff 3 new Czur scanners and also 3 HP Laptops (15.6 inch Screen/8GB RAM/i3-8th Gen Processor/SSD/Sata hybrid Hard Drive) – Higher processor speed/RAM are crucial for high output therefore the Laptop purchases.
Similar expenses expected in coming months.

Digitizations in Srinagar

Thanks to Lockdown, a lot of people who were almost always not available, finally were at home and had time to entertain us. We took this opportunity to go to the homes of a Lot of People in Kashmir and scan scores of Sharada manuscripts and many rare books.These I documented in two separate Sets. Please read about these sharada Manuscripts below:
May-June 2020

Feb-Apr 2020

Digitizations at Peerzada Ashraf Sahib Residence( includes Catalog of Manuscripts ):

At this stage only painitings, manuscripts soon.

Digitization at Puneet Jyotishi Residence, Jammu:

Thanks to Lockdown, Puneet Jyotishi ji was finally available after a pursuit of more than 2 years. We got to digitize lots of Sharada Manuscripts and Panchangs a testimony of the Jyotishi Family’s antiquity:

Sharada Panchangs (several from 19th Century, oldest 1862 ):[]=subject%3A%22%27Sharada+Panchang%27%22


Dedicated Account of Puneet Jyotishi Family with Lots of Old Books:

These 7 miniature Paintings from his collections are so viewable particularly for there vivid colors:

7 Miniature Paintings From The Collection Of Puneet Jyotishi Jammu Residence Of Puneet Jyotishi : Residence of Puneet Jyotishi : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Books in Urdu on Hinduism
I have started a new Account which will host Dharma Books in Urdu. These we all got from Srinagar from various people. Notable are 6 Translations of Upanishads from Lahore

Other Dharmic Books in this Period which I uploaded before the thought occured to me that a dedicated account should be created on this Theme:[]=subject%3A%22%27Dharmik+Urdu%27%22

Book Antiquities in Urdu from Srinagar[]=subject%3A%22%27June%2020%20Srinagar%27%22

Dharmartha Trust Almira 7 Manuscripts:
Most of Almira 7 was over before Covid Lockdown forced us to quit. Except for a few items in the Final Shelf  Almira 7 manuscripts have been uploaded.[]=subject%3A%22eGangotri-33%22

Panjab University, Chandigarh:

We had to wrap up in Chandigarh also due to Covid. 42 Items were digitized before the temporary closure.[]=subject%3A%22eGangotri-33%22

Hindi-Sanskrit Antique Books from Kashmir in June:[]=subject%3A%22%27June+2020.Kashmir%27%22

Two Special Antique Books ( one is 1878, second must be around that time also ) Commissioned by His Highness Maharaja Ranbir Singh. Seems Srinagar had a Printing Press called Antar Yantralaya and they were printing Devanagari Books in those days. Kudos to His Excellency Maharaja Family and Enterpreneurs of Kashmir

Kalap Pustak Sandhi Prakaran 1878 By Order Of Maharaja Ranvir Singh With Sharada Sribblings Missing Pages Srinagar Antar Yantralaya : eGangotri : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Found 2 Editions – both unfortunately have missing pages from the End.
Upakarma Vidhi Partial Compiled By Order Of Maharaja Shri Ranvir Singh Antar Yantralaya Srinagar : eGangotri : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Upakarma Vidhi Only Till Page 66 Antar Yantralaya Srinagar : eGangotri : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Sanskrit Texts from Kashmir Series Vol 1-9 – Lokesh Chandra

I have stumbed upon a digital copy of Lokesh Chandra’s 9 Volume Sanskrit Texts from Kashmir Series prepared by Buddhist Digital Resource Center on

What is invaluable is that 8 of the 9 Volumes are fascisimile printing of Original Sharada Manuscripts.

Source of the Manuscripts : Prof. Lokesh Chandra Personal Collection. Acquired from Dinanath Yaksh, Srinagar
Dinanath Yaksh Library was eventually torched in the Ethnic Cleansing of Srinagar. So these from his libraries made it out intact.
Kudos to the Enterprise of Lokesh Chandra in acquiring them.
I also came to know the Dinanath Yaksh had refused to supply a copy of his Catalog of Manuscripts to Lokesh Chandra ji.

Sanskrit Texts from Kashmir
Vol 1
Sharada Fascisimile
List Included

List of Texts in Vol 1

Sanskrit Texts from Kashmir
Vol 2
Sharada Fascisimile
List of Items in Vol 1

Sanskrit Texts from Kashmir
Vol 3
Sharada Fascisimile
List of Items in Vol 1

Sanskrit Texts from Kashmir
Vol 4
Sharada Fascisimile
List of Items in Vol 1

Sanskrit Texts from Kashmir
Vol 5
Sharada Fascisimile
List Included

Typed Titles for Vol 5:

§ 27 Lokesh Chandra, Sanskrit texts from Kashmir, Śatapiṭaka Series, vol. 5 (Śāradā mss.), and vol. 7 (Devanāgarī mss.); see Rosenfield 2004: 23 sqq. (called L5kb) with revised list of contents for vol.5. Verbatim copy, without correcting L. Chandra’s text, except for the section in Rosenfield 2004: 24 L5kb.p. 5:

Manuscript 526 (pages 1-76) [border marks]
Kanika-bhadra (ka bha 4, iti … 6.3)
Indra-bhadra (indra bh 6)
Viṣṇu-bhadra (iti… 7.5)
Kalaśārcana (8, iti … 15.10)
Ṛcaka (16, atha ṛcakaṃ 15.10)
Ṛgvede Budha-sūktaṃ (iti… 36.5)
Yajurvede Budha-sūktaṃ (ya bu sū 36)
Ṛgvede Vṛhaspati-sūktaṃ (ṛ vṛ sū 38)
Yajurveda Vṛhaspati-sūktaṃ (iti… 40.1)
Ṛgvede Śukra-sūktaṃ (ṛ śu sū 42, iti … 44.5)
Yajurvede Śukra-sūktaṃ (ya śu sū 44, iti … 46.7)
Ṛgvede Śainaiścara-sūktaṃ (ṛ śa sū 48, iti… 50.3)
Yajurvede śanno devīr iti brāhmaṇaḥ (ya śa sū 50.4)
Ṛgvede Rāhu-sūktaṃ (ṛ rā sū 54, iti … 54.10)
Yajurvede Rāhu-sūktaṃ (iti … 57.5)
Yajurvede Ketu-sūktaṃ (ya ke sū 58, iti … 58.5)
Ṛgvede Dhruva-sūktaṃ (iti … 60.8)
Yajurvede Dhruva-sūktaṃ (ya dhru sū 62, iti … 63.2)
Ṛgvede Agastya-sūktaṃ (iti … 64.3)
Yajurvede Agastya-sūktaṃ (ya a sū 64, iti … 66.8)
Yajurvede Vastoṣpati (ya vāsto 66)
(kṣettrādhi sū 68)
Sarva-daivata-sūktaṃ (sarvadaiva 70, iti … 72.7)
(ṣaḍṛtu sū 72)
Rātri-sūktaṃ (rātri sū 74, iti … 76.2)

Manuscript 497 (pages 77-114)
Ṛcaka (ṛ 78)
Svasti-bhadraṃ (iti … 80.8)
p. 6: (verbatim).

Manuscript 496 (folios 23-34, 36-57, pages 115-182)
Śrī-yajuṣi kaṭhake (sic!) caraka-śākhāyāṃ arusikāyāṃ (+orimikāyām) nāma prāyaścitta-sthāna-kaṃ pañcatriṃśaṃ sampūrṇaṃ
(prā sthā 116, iti … 136,5)
Madhuparka-brāhmaṇam (madhu bra 138, iti… 138.3)
Nānā-gotra-brāhmaṇaṃ (atha…138.3)
Sarvaṃ sūktaṃ samāptaṃ (ṛ sū 14-, iti … 143,3)
Ṛgveda Āditya-sūktaṃ (ṛ ā sū 146)
[Ṛgvede Budha-sūktaṃ (ṛ bu sū 158)
Ṛgvede Śukra-sūktaṃ (ṛ śu sū 170)
[Ṛgvede Śani-sūktaṃ] (ṛ śa sū 172)
[Ṛgvede Rātri-sūktaṃ] (ṛ rā sū 178)

Manuscript of Kāṭhaka brāhmaṇas (pages 183-212)
Piṇḍa Brāhmaṇa (= Śrāddha Br., L.Ch. f.181.1)
Śrāddha Br. f. 183-184 (end missing)
Śrāddha Sūkta 187- 190
Svādhyaya Br. 185, 186, 200, 199, 209-212
Kūṣmāṇḍa Br. 191, 192
Gāyatrī Br. 193-196
(Kūṣmāṇḍa materials) 197, 198
(unknown materials) 201, 202
Viśvacakṣur Br. 203
Ābrahman Br. 204
Pāvamānya Br. 205-208

Manuscript 601 (folios 7, pages 213-224)
Gaṇeśa-stotraṃ (gā sto 213, iti … 224.7)

Manuscript 626 (folio 1, pages 225-226)
Aparadhasundarī-stotraṃ (iti…226.8)

Manuscript (pages 227-442)
Puruṣa-sūktaṃ (puruṣa sū 228)
iti ṣoḍaśārcanaṃ, atha puruṣa-sūktaṃ (229.17)
iti Pūrva-Nārāyaṇaṃ, athottara Nārāyaṇaṃ (231.17)
Āyuṣya-sūktaṃ (iti … 238.7)
Puruṣa-sūktaṃ Lakṣmī (puruṣa sū Lakṣmī 238)
Lakṣmī-putra (Lakṣmī pu 240)
Rudra-pañcakaṃ (ru 242, oṃ atha…242.1)
Saumarudraṃ (254.7, saumārau, iti …265.13)
Camaṃ (cama sthā 260, iti … 265.13)
Āsyavāmaṃ (āsyavā 270, .. iti 275.13)
Devī-sūktaṃ (devī sū 276, iti … 277.6, 18)
Devī-pañcakaṃ (iti … 279.6, 281.12)
Kanika-bhadram (iti… 284.4)
Ā no bhadraṃ (iti … 287.6)

Indra-bhadraṃ (iti … 288.2)
Agni-bhadraṃ (a sū 290, iti … 291.3)
Kalaśārcanaṃ (ka na sū 292, iti … 298.15, 308.11)
ṛca (302)
Agne ṛk (iti … 310.13)
Yajva (312)
Āditya-sūktaṃ (iti … 313.7)
(ṛgve ca 316)
Yajurvede-brāhmaṇa-sūktaṃ (yaju brā sū 324)
Devatā-pūjanaṃ (devatāpū 326)
Devagavanaṃ (iti … 327.11)
Nandīmukha-śrāddhaṃ (nāndī śrā 328, iti … 331.7)
Pañcāgna-vidhi (atha … 331.8, Pañcāgna 332)
Agnikāla (iti … 332.14)
Sūryakāla (iti … 332.17)
Saumakāla (iti … 333.2)
Dvāsaptati-śrāddhaṃ (atha … 335.1, dvā śrā 336, iti … ˚śrāddhāni 340.15, 343.4)
Saṅkrānti-śrāddhāni (iti … 336.5)
Kāṇḍī-kāṭhakā gṛhyantare ucyante (iti …336.17)
Śivarātri-pūja (atha … 343.8, śi rā pū 344, iti Śivarātri-kṣetreśa-pūjanaṃ
Jīvadānam (iti … 351.13)
Mantra-gaḍukaṃ (iti … 353.19)
Mahārudra-pūjanaṃ (ru pū 354, iti Śrīr …356.15)
Sūrya-pūjanaṃ (atha … 356.16, sū pū 358, iti … 363.8)
Mahāgaṇapati-pūjanaṃ (atha … 363.9, gap ū 364, iti … 369.13)
Durgā-pūjanaṃ (oṃ atha … 369.14, du pū … 370)
Brāhmī-mantraḥ (iti … 370.11)
Yajñopavitaṃ (iti … 374.6)
Ekapradakṣiṇaṃ (iti … 375.6)
Viṣṇu-śrāddhaṃ (Viṣṇu śrā 378)
Prāyaścitta-vidhiḥ (Viṣṇuprā 380, iti … 380.16)
Viṣṇoḥ kriyāvidhiḥ (Visṇo kri 382, … iti … 410.13)
Viṣṇu-śrāddhaṃ (viṣṇo śrā 386, iti … 410.13)
Parṇa-pauruṣaṃ (parṇapau 410, tato … 410.13, iti …411.11)
Sūrya-bali-vidhiḥ (atha … 411.18, sūryaba 42)
Mantra-snānaṃ (iti… 416.3)
Mantra-gaḍukaṃ (iti …416.12)
Sūrya-bali-prāyaścittaṃ (iti … 423.8)

<< missing index in L.Ch., continued only on p. 443 >>
Manuscript (pages 443-554)
Ṛju-Viṣṇu-sūktaṃ (ṛ vi kā sū 444, iti …444.14, 445.16)
Yaju-Viṣṇu-sūktaṃ (ya kā vi sū 450, iti … 451.9, 453.30
Ṛju-brahma-sūktaṃ (ṛ kā bra sū 450, iti …451.9, 455.3)
Yaju-brahma-sūktaṃ (ya kā bra sū 454, iti … 454.14)
Ṛju-śiva-sūktaṃ (ṛ kā śi sū 456, iti … 456.7, iti Śiva-sūktaṃ 457.16)
Yaju-Śiva-sūktam (ya kā śi 458, iti … 459.4, 461.5)
Ṛju-yama-sūktaṃ (ṛ kā ya 462, iti 463.4, 17, 466.8, 4698.3)
Yaju-yama-sūktaṃ (ya kā ya sū 468, iti … 469.14)
Pitṛ-sūktaṃ (atha … 469.15, ṛ pi sū 470, iti … 417.7, 17, 472.15, 474.4,
Yaju-pitṛ-sūktaṃ (ya pi sū 474)

Śrāddha-brāhmaṇaṃ (śrāddha brā 476, iti … 478.14)
Svādhyāya-brāhmaṇaṃ (oṃ atha … 478.14, svā brā 480, iti …484.12)
Grahīṣṭa-brāhmaṇaṃ (gra brā 484, iti …486.3)
Draṣṭa-brāhmaṇaṃ (draṣṭe brā 486, iti … 489.5)
Gāyatrī-brāhmaṇaṃ (iti … 486.16)
Yajñopavīta-brāhmaṇaṃ (iti … 489.13)
Mekhalā-brāhmaṇaṃ (iti 489.18)
Agnyādheya-brāhmaṇaṃ (Agnyā brā 490, ity … 493.7)
Grahasthā-brāhmaṇaṃ (iti … 493.18)
Gāyatrī-brāhmaṇaṃ (gā brā 494, gāya brā 496, iti …496.3, 498.10)
Anvārasthalī-brāhmaṇaṃ (anvāra śrā 498, iti … 499.9)
Kūṣmāṇḍa-brāhmaṇaṃ (kūṣmā brā 500, iti … 501)
-brāhmaṇaṃ (pra gra brā 502, iti … 502.12)
Piṇḍapitṛ-yajña-brāhmaṇaṃ (piṇḍa brā 504, iti … 505.2)
Indrāgnī-brāhmaṇaṃ (indrāgnyo brā 506, iti Indrāgnī-sūktam 507.5)
Graheṣṭa-brāhmaṇaṃ (iti … 508.9)
Nāgasūktam nāma kadrū-brāhmaṇaṃ (nā kadrū brā 508.10, iti … 509.16) < = KS 23.10>
Sandhyā-brāhmaṇaṃ (iti … 510.9)
Pāvamānya-brāhmaṇaṃ (pāva brā 510, iti … 513.7)

Ekacakraṃ (ekaca 514, oṃ atha … 514.1)
Graha-śānti-vidhānaṃ (gra śā 518, iti śrī-devī-prokta-saṃvāde parameśvara-
proktam … samāptaṃ 537.11)
Lokapāla-dhyānaṃ (tato … 525.2, iti … 526.1)
Adbhuta-śāntiḥ (adbhuta śā 546, atha … 545.11, iti … 552.15)
Graha-śānti vā adbhutaśā[nti] samāptaḥ (iti 554.1)

Manuscript (pages 555-698)
Vitastā-māhātmyaṃ (vo mā 556, atha Vitastāvatāraḥ 556.1, iti śrī … 698.10)

Sanskrit Texts from Kashmir
Vol 6
Sharada Fascisimile
List Included

Sanskrit Texts from Kashmir
Vol 7
Devanagari Fascisimile From Print
List Included ( Mostly Keshava Bhatt )

Typed List:

Prāstāvika (introduction)       p. 1


Ṛcaka                                      1          [atha ṛcakam | ādau svastyayanam | o śrīgaṇeśāya

                                                            namaḥ || oṃkāro yasya mūlaṃ… ]

Ekacakra                                 36

Graheṣṭa-brāhmaṇa                39

Nakṣatra-yajña                       42


Gāyatrī-Brāhmaṇa                  46

Agny-āditya-sūkta                  53

Varuṇa-candramāḥ-sūkta       61

Kumāra-bhauma-sūkta           65

Viṣṇu-budha-sūkta                 70

Indra-bṛhaspati-sūkta 74

Sarasvatī-śukra-sūkta             77

Prajāpati-śanaiścara-sūkta     80

Gaṇapati-rāhu-sūkta               85

Rudra-ketu-sūkta                    88

Brahma-dhruva-sūkta 90

Anantāgastya-sūkta                93

Vāstoṣpati-sūkta                     96

Kṣetrapāla-sūkta                     97       

Sarvadaivata-sūkta                 99

Rātri-sūkta                              101

Ṣaḍṛtu-sūkta                           102

Abhiṣeka-mantra                    106

Kalaśa-grahayoḥ sthāpanādi 112

Graha-bali-vidhāna                118

Grahādīnāṃ kṣamā-puṣpāni   120

Graha-śānti                             125

Gaṇḍāntādi-śānti                    128

Veṣma-pratiṣṭhā-vidhāna       135

Pañcagavya-vidhi                   157     

Śaṅku-pratiṣṭhā                      159


Viṣṇu-pañcaka: Puruṣa-sūkta 1                                

Bṛhat-puruṣa-sūkta                 2

Lakṣmī-sūkta                          8

Āyuṣya-sūkta                          11

Mahālakṣmī-sūkta                  12


Rudra-mantra-sūkta                15

Camānuvāka-sūkta                 25

Sauma-rudra-sūkta                 34

Dīkṣā-mantra-sūkta                37

Śatādhyāya-sūkta                   41


Asyavamākhyaṃ Durgā-

Devīsūkta                              46

Tripurā-devī-sūkta                 53

Śārikā-devī-sūkta                   55

Rājñī-devī-sūkta                     57

Jvālā-devī-sūkta                     58


mahauṣadi-sūkta                     62

Udakalaśa                               64

Kūṣmāṇdārṣa                          66

Kūṣmāṇḍa-mantra                  69

Kalaśāvahana                          79

Agnikuṇḍa-pūjā                      83

Prāyaścitta-sthānaka              87


vaiśākha-māsa-vratodyāpana 103     

Tulādāna-vidhi                       110                 

Kanyā-saṃskāra-vidhi           117

Aupaniṣada-vrata                   129

Go-dāna                                  138

Apavarge traividyakam          143

Snāna-vrata-mantra                146

Trikā-homa                             155

Agneḥ kṣamā-puṣpāni            159

Kalaśa-cchidra                        160Ṛṣi-visarjana              163

Sanskrit Texts from Kashmir
Vol 8
Sharada Fascisimile
Yoga Vasishtha

Sanskrit Texts from Kashmir
Vol 9
Sharada Fascisimile
Yoga Vasishtha

Sharada Manuscripts and Printed Books from around Kashmir. Digitizations in May-June 2020

3. Tej Krishna Zadoo Manuscripts from Jammu

4. Sanjay Ji Bhat, Pulwama

Notes in Search of an Optimal Industrial Scale Automatic Book Scanner

This space will use as scrap notes of my r&d and search of an Industrial Scale Automatic Book Scanner over the next few days.

Guiding Principles:

Reasonably Priced ( under 5 Lakh INR )
Atleast 500 pages/hour
Low Maintenance
Low Expertise Requirement
Smaller Physical Dimensions
Smaller Weight ( under 20 kg )
Zero Post-Processing ( no or negligible post processing such as cropping )
Scan Quality ( Readable with ease, 300 DPI, nothing over-fancy)

For now Mango Linear Scan fits the bill. But so unfortunately, the CEO Mr. Paul informed me that their Bar Scanner Manufacturer is no longer making those, which means Mango may not be available for purchase.

Mango Linear Book Scanner

I contacted the CEO. He informed me that the parts supplier for the Scanning is no longer manufacturing those, therefore sales are halted indefinitely.


Up to 2,890 images per hour
91 kg


SMA ROBOSCAN V2 – Robotic Book Scanner

But only 400 pages/hour !!
68 kg
SMA Roboscan V2 vs Qidenus
Qidenus not recommended by

DL Mini

275 Kilo !!
1300 pages per hour


Treventus ScanRobot 2.0 MDS

up to 2,500 pages/hour* (automatic mode)
up to 1,000 pages/hour* (semi-automatic mode)

Robotic Series Book Scanner

Click to access Qidenus.pdf

Page capacity / hour:
Theoretically 1.500
Practically 1.300 including double sheet control

Not sure yet if 100% automatic:


Best Automatic Book Scanner | 2 are Great 1 is Not

Listing of Indic Digital eBook Portals online

Free Gurukul Education Foundation:

Work in Progress

Indic Manuscript Repositories in Bangladesh

Dhaka University, Dhaka

1. An Alphabetical Index of Sanskrit Manuscripts in The Dhaka University Library Part 1
2. An Alphabetical Index of Sanskrit Manuscripts in The Dhaka University Library Part 2
3. An Alphabetical Index of Sanskrit Manuscripts in The Dhaka University Library Part 3
4. An Alphabetical Index of Sanskrit Manuscripts in The Dhaka University Library Part 4
5. An Alphabetical Index of Sanskrit Manuscripts in The Dhaka University Library Part 5
6. An Alphabetical Index of Sanskrit Manuscripts in The Dhaka University Library Part 6
7. An Alphabetical Index of Sanskrit Manuscripts in The Dhaka University Library Part 7
8. An Alphabetical Index of Sanskrit Manuscripts in The Dhaka University Library Part 8

The Varendra Research Museum Library  University Of Rajshahi, Rajshahi

Vol I

Vol II


Ramamala Library, Comilla

Catalog requested from Prof. Benjamin J Fleming

Photographs of Paintings and Artefacts at the Residence of Peerzada Mohd Ashraf Sahib, Srinagar

Peerzada Ahraf Sahib is a Oriental Scholar and Archivists from Kashmir.

He has spent his entire career working with Museums and Archives.

Peerzada Sahib very kindly allowed us the opportunity to photograph his Collection of Paintings and Artefacts.

They have all been uploaded in Facebook:


Also at below:[]=subject%3A%22+Peerzada+Muhammad+Ashraf+Paintings+and+Artifacts+%22

All photographs were taken by Shri Chander Mohan Bhat Sahib, Retd Indian Postal Service Officer, Srinagar

Catalog of Sharada and Devanagari Manuscripts at Peerzada Sahib can also be seen below:

Sharada Manuscripts and Printed Books from around Kashmir. Digitizations in Feb-April 2020

My Srinagar Center keeps getting valuable tips from there neighborhood of households with old manuscripts. We are very lucky most families very kindly allow us the digitizations. Here are the few we could get hold of in between Feb-April 2020.

  1. Three Sharada Manuscripts from Kupwara, Kashmir.

2. 7 Sharada + 1 Devanagari Manuscript from Satish Bhan Residence, Sarban, Kashmir

3. Sharada Manuscript from Baramula

4. Sharada Manuscripts from Pulwama

5. 13 Text Composite Sharada Manuscript of  Dr. Mansoor Ahmad Yaripoora Kulgam.

Contains the following:

Swatantrya Deepika 
Bhairava Stotra
Bhakti Vilas Stotra Or Alaukiika Udvalan/Sangraha Stotra of Utpal
Yoga Sandhya
Omkar Mahatmya
Atmopalabdhi Shatika
Dev Puja
Mahartha Manjari
Vigyan Bhairava
Shiv Kavach
Guru Stotra
Ram Gita
Brahma Stuti
Some Sort of Gayatri Mantra

Gananapti Mantra Vidhi ( In end )

6. Old Printed Books from Pinzoora, Shopian

These 2 Diagrams within were a hit on Twitter

This is a List of all Translations of Gopinath Sapru – sadly all lost for now:

Pages from Mahimna Stotra With Shivananda Lahari Kashmiri Translation - Pt. Gopi Nath Sapru - Kohinoor Printing Press Srinagar.jpg

If anyone knows anything about Gopinath Sapru Family Descendants then please let us know.

8. Sharada  Karma Kand Manuscript from Shopian


prāyaścitta-sthānaka (Kaṭha Saṃhitā 35)
Ṛgveda and Yajurveda sūktas (navagraha)
Devīrahasye Mahāgaṇapati
Padmapurāṇe Viṣṇusaṃvāda
Mahābhārate Śāntiparvaṇe dāna

9. Two Sharada Manuscripts from Residence of Tariq Sahib, Baramula

Bhagavata Mahapuran, Bhagavata Gita with profuse Colophonal Notes, Other Bhakti Texts
Mokshopaya garbled pages:

10. Upakarma Vidhi from Residence of Asif Sahib, Pulwama

It is sad that even though this is the second time, we are scanning the same book, it too list the last one is partial and ends ager pg 66 – eight more pages than the last one which can be seen below:



Multi Text Sharada Manuscript containing Bhagavata Gita and 19 Other Texts from Residence of Persian Scholar Shri R.L. Bhatt Sahib, Jammu

Shri R.L. Bhat Sahib is a noted Scholar of Persian Language based out of Jammu. We were very lucky to get in touch with him. Shri R.L. Bhat Sahib has very kindly let us scan a Sharada Manuscript from his Collection which is below:

The Text contains the following manuscripts:
Snana Vidhi
Sam. tu.
Ganesh Stotra
Bhavani Nama Sahasram
Shri Ragyi Kavach
Sharika Bhagavati
Bhadra Mantra
Bhairav Stotra
Mahiman Para
Vi. Na.
Illustration @ 488
Vishnu Sahasranama
Pandava Gita
Narayan Upanishad
Atharva Veda Kaivalya Upanishad
Atharva Veda Mahopanishad
Illustration at Pg 822
Surya Stotra
Illustration at Page 830
Yoga Vasishta
Atma Bodha Shankaracharya

The manuscript has total 952 Pages and 3 Illustrations.



eGangotri: 32. Sanskrit Tika on Japuji Sahib. Rudra Yamalas. Persian Translations of Yoga Vasishtha and Gita

My 32nd Newsletter after ages. A few things have happened.

My British Library grant came to an end. A very generous system that helped me digitize with greater financial clout. Thanks British Library Endangered Archives Program and Arcadia Fund for aiding Universal Work. Thanks to Prof Jim Mallinson and Prof Torella for writing recommendation letters on my behalf that singularly made the difference.

I have moved back to Singapore after two years in India and that also means my financial abilities have increased further almost by triple!! not just because Singapore we have a low tax regime.

Digitizations in Raghunath Temple, Jammu
We did 537 manuscripts in Raghunath Temple, Jammu. This represents all texts in Almira 5 and Almira 6.
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Interesting Items:
Atleast 13 Items had Rudrayamala in there Title:

A Hindi Translation of the Famous Grammatical Work Rupavataar.

A Commentary named Sankhya Pravachan Bhashya on the Yoga Sutras:

The Kashmirian Kshemendra’s Charu Charyopadesha
These external Scans on Charu Charya can also be consulted.

A short work on Sphotavaad – the mystical Theory of Sound

Digitizations at Panjab University Library, Chandigarh244 Manuscripts have been digitized in this Phase. Technically, all Devanagari manuscripts till Almira 11 have been digitized. Only Almira 12 is remaining now. Once Almira 12 is complete, we will start digitizing remaining Gurumukhi and Persian Items and also missed out Devanagari manuscripts – which I realized when I did an manual check with the Hand Written registerOne of the most surprising manuscripts we found was a Sanskrit Tika on the Japuji Sahib of Guru Nanak Dev Maharaj.

Japaji Sahib Tika In Sanskrit_Mss No 1369_Alm 11_Shelf 2-Panjab Uni.pdf

Upon inquiries with Punjabi Scholars, I came to know that there exists a sect of Sikhism called Nirmala Akhara who interpret all Guruvani through Vedanta. All Nirmala Akhara scholars are grounded in Sanskrit.I was also able to liase with the Nirmala Akhara branch in Haridwar. This Tika is most likely from this sect.
More about Nirmala Akhara can be read below:
Nirmala – SikhiWiki, free Sikh encyclopedia.
Two Tikas of Medieval Hindi Ritikal Poet Bihari’s Couplet Collection Satsai

A Persian Translation of Yoga Vasishtha

Yog Vashishta 638 Persian Alm 4 Shelf 2 Panjab Uni : eGangotri : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive
Yog Vashishta 638 Persian Alm 4 Shelf 2 Panjab Uni : eGangotri : Free Do…Panjab University Chandigarh Manuscript Collection, ‘Yog Vashishta_638_Persian_Alm 4_Shelf 2-Panjab Uni’
A Persian Translation of a Text referred as Mukhvak Gita
Ahwal E Adam Shahi Shri Mukhvak Gita Mss No 479 Persian Alm 3 Shelf 2 Panjab Uni : eGangotri : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive
Ahwal E Adam Shahi Shri Mukhvak Gita Mss No 479 Persian Alm 3 Shelf 2 Pa…Panjab University Chandigarh Manuscript Collection, ‘Ahwal-E-Adam Shahi_Shri Mukhvak Gita_Mss No 479_Persian_Alm…

Guru Gobind Singh’jis Tika on  Bhagavata Gita
Gobind Gita Of Guru Gobind Singhji Mss No 1469 Gurumukhi Alm 12 Shelf 1 Panjab Uni : eGangotri : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Gobind Gita Of Guru Gobind Singhji Mss No 1469 Gurumukhi Alm 12 Shelf 1 …Panjab University Chandigarh Manuscript Collection, ‘Gobind Gita of Guru Gobind Singhji_Mss No 1469_Gurumukhi_Al…
An 1831 Hindi Translation of Ramayana:
Ramayan Bhasha Hindi 1831 Ram Das Patiala Mss No 1395 Alm 11 Shelf 4 Panjab Uni : eGangotri : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive
Ramayan Bhasha Hindi 1831 Ram Das Patiala Mss No 1395 Alm 11 Shelf 4 Pan…Panjab University Chandigarh Manuscript Collection, ‘Ramayan Bhasha Hindi 1831 – Ram Das Patiala_Mss No 1395_Alm…

A Hindi Translation of Vedanta Sutras
Vedaant Sutra Hindi Translation Mss No 1231 Devanagari Alm 9 Shelf 4 Panjab Uni : eGangotri : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Vedaant Sutra Hindi Translation Mss No 1231 Devanagari Alm 9 Shelf 4 Pan…Panjab University Chandigarh Manuscript Collection, ‘Vedaant Sutra_Hindi Translation_Mss No 1231_Devanagari_Alm …

Read about our minor digitizations:Digitization at Alakh Sahiba Trust, Jammu

Digitization at A K Razdan Sahib Residence