Paper Pen Written Manuscript with a Donation Date of 23-Feb-1932. At Mythic Society, Bangalore

At Mythic Scoeity, Bangalore, we found the following hand-written text with a dedication:

Presented to the Mythic Society Library


Mrs. Saraswati Bai. B Vek Kota Rao, Maeeswaram, Bangalore, 23-2-1937

Dear Mrs. Saraswati  your Donation is now online.

Mythic Society, Bangalore digitized the Text for us very kindly on the spot. We are very pleased to present it the World at large.




State Central Library, Hyderabad and their Digital Collection of 16K+ Texts

Visited the State Central Library,  Afzalpet Hyderabad and was delighted to meet there Scanning Team who have digitized 16,000 Texts chiefly in Arabic, Persian and Urdu.

The List of There Digitizations – was very generously shared with me and I am attaching it here.

All digitized Texts are available at a very affordable rate of 50 Paise/page.

The Digitized Text List is below:






Some statistics about there Collection I could gather from

Book stock in State Central Library:-

Language Book stock on 31st March 2006 

Telugu …   1,46,597
English …   1,46,856
Urdu    …      69,619
Hindi    …      46,174
Arabic  …       6,459
Persian …       6,492
Tamil   …       1,223
Kannada …   15,073
Marathi …     17,419
Sanskrit …      3,368

Total …4,59,282

The Scanning Dept also informed me that two Digitization Projects have been executed to date. The Current Project is  is funded and managed by the Raja Ram Mohan Roy Foundation Grants. The Digital Data for the earlier project for DLI was never received by them.


eGangotri 26: Our First Fund Raiser Campaign. Almira 23 Completed. eGangotri joins hands with Kashmir Research Institute, Srinagar.Koshur Seminar in Pune

Thanks to Shri Rakesh Kaul of The Last Queen of Kashmir Fame to suggest me to crowdfund my Project through this my First Fund Raiser.
This is the Link for making donations. Do contribute if you feel strongly for the democratization of Information.
Almira 23 (Jammu) Completed:
All Almira 23 Manuscripts chiefly Vedic in content are now available for viewing:
( owing to a oversight, this issues’ texts were not tagged with eGangotri-26 and the Old Tag remained, hence they have got clubbed with eGangotri-25 Texts, hence the discrepancy )
One Manuscript Shatpath Brahmin 5148 owing to its size, needed Camera-Scanning and is viewable separately at our Facebook Page:

High-End TIFF Images of these are also available but will only be uploaded later when I have sufficient band-width in a dedicated Account possibly instagram or flickr.
Tie up with Kashmir Research Institute, Srinagar:
eGangotri and the Kashmir Research Institute, Srinagar are now Digital Partners. With over 60,000 Printed Texts at the premises, we hope to be busy for a long, long time.
A few random pictures from the Collection (333 images) that we took are viewable below:
51 Texts that we digitized in our 1st Month can be viewed at:
11 Texts are pre-19th Century
16 are in Urdu Script ( including a partial text in Persian of the Shahnama of Ranjit Singh )
This one is a Devanagari Manuscript a Hindi Prose Translation of Katha Sarit Sagar by Unmentioned Translator:
These two are Urdu Magazines from Karachi:
Other Interesting Titles:
History of Kishtwar District in Urdu
Shiv Puran in Urdu and Sanskrit:
Yoga Vasihtha 1904 Urdu
Mahabharat Partial Urdu
Ramayan Urdu :
Following 3 Texts are publications of Keshava Bhatta Kashmiri – a Srinagar Native – whose texts are now very difficult to find and these ones were definitely a wind-fall.
Vedic Mantra Kalpa Lata
Mekhala Pustaka
After sharing the above, an American Professor digitized for us his two Volumes of Keshava Bhattas Text he had acquired in mint-new condition in Srinagar of the 70s:
Karma Kanda of Keshav Bhatta

Mantratmak Karma Kanda
Around a dozen of his 70s acquisitions of Keshava Bhatta Publications, he has promised to digitally share with me in the near Future.
This Yoga Vasishtha Style Prose Meditation ‘Pakshapata Rahit Anubhava Prakash’ by the famous mystic Kali Kamali Baba came as a total surprise:
Swami Amrit Vagbhav on
I had opportunity to move our previous Work on Swami Amrit Vagbhav Maharaj from scribd to at the following for more convenient access:
Koshur Workshop, Pune Conducted by Stanford Scholar Radhika Koul
Kids between 10 and 18 who intend to learn the Kashmiri Language and are in Delhi between Aug 13 and Sept 12, are in great luck as Stanford Comparative Literature Scholar Sushri Radhika Koul will be in town for a Koshur Language Workshop conducted after-school-hours/weekends, details below:

List of 154 Naval Kishore Press Books Digital Donations to eGangotri



1). Amara Kosha Hindi – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 259 Pages
2). Amara Kosha with Rasala Tika 1921 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 129 Pages
3). Aniruddha Parinaya 1897 Hindi – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 71 Pages
4). Anurag Latika Or Rasik Vilas Hindi 1906 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 69 Pages
5). Arjun Gita 1956 – Ram Kumar Book Depot.pdf , 46 Pages
6). Bala Harischandra of Jagannath Das 1956 – Ram Kumar Press Depot.pdf , 46 Pages
7). Bala Shiksha Part I 1919 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 40 Pages
8). Banshi Leela 1886 and Barah Masa 1897 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 18 Pages
9). Banshi Raga Mala 1889 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 74 Pages
10). Bhaan Prakashika 1906 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 35 Pages
11). Bhagavant Bhaskar – Neel Kantha Bhatt.pdf , 178 Pages
12). Bhagavata Gita Till Page 104 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 176 Pages
13). Bhajan Mala 1889 of Babu Raj Kumar Deva Nandan Singh – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 40 Pages
14). Bhajan Mala of Babu Raj Kumar Dev Nandan Singh 1883 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 39 Pages
15). Bhajanavali 1911 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 82 Pages
16). Bhavabhuti – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 83 Pages
17). Bhavishya Purana Hindi Only – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 656 Pages
18). Bhram Nashak of Paramhansa Paramananda 1924 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 75 Pages
19). Braj Vilas Saravali Kanpur 1898 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 115 Pages
20). Chanakya Neeti Darpan Arthat Raj Niti Samuccaya – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 104 Pages
21). Charan Vyuha 1930 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 32 Pages
22). Chhadma Chabisi of Naath Dec 1889 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 173 Pages
23). Chhanda Pradeep Hindi 1884 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 38 Pages
24). Chhanda Ramayana 1894 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 58 Pages
25). Chhapaya Ramayana of Tulsidas with Hindi Tika 1926 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 62 Pages
26). Daivajna Abharan 1892 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 24 Pages
27). Dharma Prem Taranga 1924 of Shrimati Dharma Devi – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 101 Pages
28). Dohavali of Tulsidas 1913 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 74 Pages
29). Dohavali of Tulsidas 7th Print 1908 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 38 Pages
30). Durga Path with Nagoji Bhatta Tika 1907 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 196 Pages
31). Dwadash Pushpika – Ram Kumar Press Depot.pdf , 113 Pages
32). Ganga Lahari with Verse Tika 1955 – Ram Kumar Press Depot.pdf , 36 Pages
33). Geet Ramayan 1893 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 49 Pages
34). Gomati Lahari 1928 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 24 Pages
35). Gyan Abhushan 1897 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 83 Pages
36). Gyan Deepika 1889 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 35 Pages
37). Gyan Prakash Farsi to Hindi Braj Bhasha Prose Translation 1916 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 43 Pages
38). Gyan Svarodaya 1953 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 34 Pages
39). Gyan Tarang 1889 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 206 Pages
40). Gyangaari Chaturdash 1941 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 16 Pages
41). Gyangaari Chaturdash 2nd Scan 1941 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 18 Pages
42). Gyanmala 1913 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 72 Pages
43). Heer Ranjha of Bhajanlal 1941 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 60 Pages
44). Indra Sabha Amanat of Madari Lal 1906 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 80 Pages
45). Jagannath Mahatmya with Tika1907 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 76 Pages
46). Jeevan Charitra 1894 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 33 Pages
47). Kailas Agaman – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 278 Pages
48). Kashi Mahatmya – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 98 Pages
49). Kashmir Darshan Only Few Pages of Tome Size Original.pdf , 255 Pages
50). Kathavalli Upanishad with Hindi Tika of Pancholi – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 144 Pages
51). Kavi Pancha Bhavabhuti Hindi Translation by G P Agnihotri 1900 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 85 Pages
52). Kavi Tarang – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 163 Pages
53). Kavitavali Ramayan 1904 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 56 Pages
54). Krishi Ke Acharya Ghagh Aur Bhaddari Ki Sampurna Rachnayein 1956 – Hindi Sahitya Mandir.pdf , 119 Pages
55). Krishna Priya – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 272 Pages
56). Krishna Priya 1895 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 418 Pages
57). Lakshmi Sarasvati Samvad Part II 1906 – Navl Kishore Press.pdf , 48 Pages
58). Lalan Prakash Lalan Sagar 16 1915 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 37 Pages
59). Lalan Pramohini Lalan Sagar 12th 1915 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 40 Pages
60). Lalan Sagar 1927 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 578 Pages
61). Lalan Vinod Lalan Sagar Part 10 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 145 Pages
62). Lalanodvaha Padyavali Lalan Sagar Part 26 1915 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 47 Pages
63). Madan Pal Nighantu Hindi Translation – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 242 Pages
64). Madan Pal Nighantu Hindi Translation Scan 2 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 254 Pages
65). Madhav Vilas 1888 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 76 Pages
66). Madhumakkhi Ki Kahani 1955 – Ram Kumar Press.pdf , 52 Pages
67). Mahabharat Hindi Bhishma Parva 1926 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 362 Pages
68). Mahabharat Hindi Karan Parva Scan 2 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 316 Pages
69). Mahabharat Hindi Karna Parva – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 316 Pages
70). Mahabharat Hindi Only Udyog Parva – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 614 Pages
71). Mahabharat Karna Parva – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 366 Pages
72). Mahabharata Bhasha Van Parva Pg 201 to 681 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 395 Pages
73). Mahabharata Hindi Sabha Parva 1931 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 187 Pages
74). Mahadev Sahasranama Stotra Hindi Translation 1939 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 55 Pages
75). Mahadev Sahasranama Stotra Hindi Translation 1939 Scan 2nd – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 55 Pages
76). Mahadev Sahasranama Stotra Hindi Translation 1939 Scan 3rd – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 55 Pages
77). Man Mauja Charita Nimbarka Follower Chaturdas 1886 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 13 Pages
78). Manav Dharma Sara with Hindi Translation by Raja Shiv Prasad Sitare Hind 1926 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 70 Pages
79). Manoranjan Arthat Dil Behlav of Jagannath Sahay Hindi and Urdu 1924 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 25 Pages
80). Markandeya Purana with Tika Part II – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 556 Pages
81). Mayank Manjari Maha Natak July 1891 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 160 Pages
82). Mithai Charitra 1893 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 14 Pages
83). Muhurta Chandrika 1908 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 26 Pages
84). Muhurta Kalpa Drum Hindi 1892 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 107 Pages
85). Neeti Sudha Tarangini by Ram Prasad Tiwari 1917 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 266 Pages
86). Nivedan Refutation of Sw. Dayananda’s Views by Raja Shiv Prasad Sitare Hind 1914 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 28 Pages
87). Padma Purana Hindi 4th Brahma Khanda 1924 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 75 Pages
88). Padma Purana Hindi Svarga Khanda III – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 193 Pages
89). Padma Purana Hindi Svarga Khanda III Scan 2 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 367 Pages
90). Patra Hitaishini 1917 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 32 Pages
91). Piyush Lahari Arthat Ganga Lahari 1890 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 16 Pages
92). Prachya Shiksha Rahasya – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 217 Pages
93). Prashnopanishad Tr. By Rai Bahadur Babu Zalim Singh 1930 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 92 Pages
94). Prem Ratna by Bibi Ratna Kunvari 1925 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 60 Pages
95). Prem Sagar Engish Translation Till Pg 304 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 301 Pages
96). Pyare Vinod 1910 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 57 Pages
97). Radha Vishad Mochanavali 1907 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 340 Pages
98). Raghuvamsha with Mallinath Tika Oct 1896 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 362 Pages
99). Rahasya Chandrika 1896 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 27 Pages
100). Ram Rasamrita Sagar Natak 7th Part – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 165 Pages
101). Ramaini Beejak etc of Kabir Das with Braj Bhasha Prose Translation Pg 49 to 568 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 518 Pages
102). Ramarasamrita Sagar Natak Part 5 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 68 Pages
103). Ramayan Ramashvamedha – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 153 Pages
104). Ramayan Uttara Kanda 1914 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 79 Pages
105). Rasa Leela 1890 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 530 Pages
106). Rasa Prabodha of Ghulam Nabi 1890 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 90 Pages
107). Rasa Tarang 1886 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 70 Pages
108). Rukamana Mangal Pg 17 Onwards 1918 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 497 Pages
109). Saamudrik 1896 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 33 Pages
110). Saangeet Prahlad of Lakshman Singh 1913 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 50 Pages
111). Saangeet Shikha 1891 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 64 Pages
112). Samar Vijay 1893 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 41 Pages
113). Samaya Deepika 1914 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 32 Pages
114). Saras Stotra Sara Sangraha 1909 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 39 Pages
115). Satsang Sagar – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 168 Pages
116). Saudagar Leela – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 60 Pages
117). Shahnama Urdu in Nagari Script Pg 9 to 150 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 153 Pages
118). Shashi Mauli 1889 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 77 Pages
119). Shashi Mauli 1889 2nd Scan – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 77 Pages
120). Shat Ritu Kavya Sangraha – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 181 Pages
121). Shiv Vivaha Kavitavali 1919 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 22 Pages
122). Shiva Purana Hindi Pg 137 – 1024 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 576 Pages
123). Shiva Purana Hindi Pg. 137 – 1024 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 890 Pages
124). Shri Bhakti Shiromani 1899 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 452 Pages
125). Shri Hari Prem Rasayan – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 373 Pages
126). Shri Karmma Mula Vriksha Sanskrit Hindi and English of Baba Saryudas Mahanta Udaseen 1935 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 14 Pages
127). Shri Ram Stava Raj 1898 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 26 Pages
128). Shyam Keli of Lal Govind Sahay Bhatnagar 1889 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 45 Pages
129). Sitaram Samyoga Padavali 1880 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 83 Pages
130). Sujan Parva 1896 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 46 Pages
131). Svapna Prakash 1884 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 12 Pages
132). Upanishad Sar Sangraha with English Translation of Rai Bahadur Pt. Kashinath 1933 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 96 Pages
133). Utsarg 1921 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 95 Pages
134). Vasantika by Ganga Prasad Pandey 1940 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 112 Pages
135). Vasudev Sri Krishna Chandra of D S Chaturvedi 1926 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 182 Pages
136). Veda Vedanta Sara Shiromani 1909 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 102 Pages
137). Vichitropadesha 1913 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 46 Pages
138). Vijay Dohavali 1905 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 32 Pages
139). Vijay Muktavali 1913 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 193 Pages
140). Vijay Raghav Khand Sundara Kand – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 103 Pages
141). Vijay Vishal 1890 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 109 Pages
142). Vijaya Raghava Khand Alha Kishkindha Kanda 1926 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 50 Pages
143). Vijaya Raghava Khand Alha Sundar Kanda 1921 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 103 Pages
144). Vijaya Raghava Khand Alha Sundar Kanda 1921 II- Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 105 Pages
145). Vijaya Raghava Khand Lanka Kanda – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 171 Pages
146). Vinay Prakash of Bal Das 1889 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 28 Pages
147). Vinaya Vilas 1893 – Munshi Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 44 Pages
148). Vishnu Sahasranama – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 44 Pages
149). Yagyavalkya Maitreyi Samvad of Rai Bahadur Babu Zalim Singh 1926 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 59 Pages
150). Yoga Vasishtha Hindi Pg 633 to 840 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 160 Pages
151). Yoga Vasishtha Hindi Pg 81 to 124 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 48 Pages
152). Yoga Vasishtha Se Chune Hue Kuch Shlok Raja Shiv Prasad Sitare Hind 1920 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 22 Pages
153). Yugal Samvad Bodha Prakash Compilation by Mahatma Yogala Kishore 1884 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 118 Pages
154). Yugal Samvad Bodha Prakash Compilation by Mahatma Yogala Kishore 2nd Print 1915 – Naval Kishore Press.pdf , 96 Pages

eGangotri 24:Almira 24 Completed. 69 Telugu Script Manuscripts. Śrī Magazine of Kashmir from 1934.Publications from Pre-Independence Lahore

Almira 24 Completed:
All 5 Shelves of Almira 24 containing 187 Texts have been completed. Subjects covered included Vedic works, Upanishads, Puranas, some Hindi Translations offering us rare specimens of 19th Cenutry Hindi Prose, and Sanskrit Works in Telugu Script.
All 187 Texts are viewable below:

Mentionables were  –

Prabodha Chandrodaya with Hindi Translation

Raj Neeti (Hindi)

Sarasawta Prakriya the Grammatical Work with Hindi Tika

Manusmriti with Hindi Tika

Ramayanas with Hindi Tika:

A Maha Kavya by the Kashmirian Mahim Bhatta with a Strange Name: Ravana-Arjuniyam

An Ayurvedic Text Rasa Ratnakar

Report on Sanskrit Documents in Telugu Characters can be seen below
3 Issues of Śrī Magazine(Quarterly from Srinagar) from circa 1930s 
First brought to my attention by Demian Martins, the Brazilian Sanskritist based in Vrindavan – it had been a pleasant surprise to know that there had been Sanskrit magazines published from Srinagar.
Inquiries with Shri Kokilu of Delhi apprised me that the magazine was a name he had heard as a child in Kashmir but had never seen any issue.
Just this month at the Jammu residence of the Octogenarian Sanskrit Scholar and Poet, Recipient President’s Award , Shri B.N. Kalla, three issues of Śrī have been found with a publication Date of 1934.
It has among other writings, Sanskrit articles by the polymath Rahul Sanskrityayan and Nityananda Shastri( a famous Sktist from Kashmir of the Early 20th Century.
Shri B.N. Kalla’s family is very kindly allowing us access to his Collection which will include Shri Kalla’s entire oeuvre of which Kashmir Krandanam we have already digitized from Srinagar. Thanks to Kiran Kalla, Son of Shri B.N. Kalla – and Shri Vinod Razdan Sahib for recommending us – and make this happen.
Kalla Sahib’s Text will be made available at the following Link.
Rare Books 
51 Rare Books were digitized in this Period.
Most Interesting was this Lahore Publication of 1929 with a Sanskrit Tika Sphota Vimarshini on the First Two Ahniks of Patanjali’s Grammatical Commentary Mahabhashya.
Sphota Theory was first propounded by  Bhartrihari in the 6th Century and is a Mystical Theory of Lingusitic Communication.
The following sheds some light on this important Linguistic Concept:
For Bhartrihari, linguistic meaning cannot be conveyed or accounted for by the physical utterance and perception of sounds, so he puts forth the sphota theory: the theory which posits the meaning-unit, which for him is the sentence, as a single entity.

A.C Woolner and his VC-hood of Punjab University is mentioned in the Cover Page.

Durga Saptashati with 7 Tikas 1894:

An 1887 English Translation of Naval Kishore Press

Mathematical Text Leelavati (1894)

Sahitya Mimansa another Text from Pre-Independence Lahore

Interesting tidbits from the Net
Found this Great Digital Collection of Old and Rare Books by the University of Toronto with 524 Sanskrit Texts
Urdu was the Second Highest Indian Language with 495 Texts:
Main Page of All Digitized Texts from Toronto numbering over 5 Lakhs:
ries of Meditation

Know Indian Copyright Laws Series – I. All Books published before 1958 are in the Public Domain

All Books published before the passing of the Copyright Act, 1957 applicable from 21 January 1958, are governed by the The Indian Copyright Act, 1914.

According to this Law, any Work looses copyright after 50 years of its publication. Therefore, for a text published in 1957,  is already in the Public Domain by the Year 2007. Hence, can be republished and transmitted in any means freely.


eGangotri 23: More Copies of Sri Vidya Nitya Paddhati of Sahib Kaul; A Stash of Rare Sanskrit Books from Lucknow ; Guru Grantha Pradipa Hindi Tika of Guru Grantha Sahib

More Copies of Sahib Kaul’s Sri Vidya Nitya Paddhati have been found – besides the two we did last time.
Thanks to Subject Tagging, Items digitized exclusively since Last Newsletter for the 23rd News Letter can be selectively seen in this Filtered View:
With this Issue the Entire Almira 25 is over and as evident from the Filtered List above most Texts were related to Agama Shastra.
Our Digitizations of Shelf-1 Almira 24 have started and this shelf is mostly Vedic Texts.
In Lucknow, thanks to a Sanskrit Activist – who doesn’t want to be identified – we have got access to the Collection of a Deceased Scholar of Vyakarana which has mostly very old Books occupying 10 packed Almiras.
The following Account will be dedicated to books from this Center.
The Oldest from the 3 Almiras we have examined so far is this Edition of Harsha Charita printed at Vidya Vilas Press, Benares in 1880 ( 1936 V.E ) , by the Great Patron of Oriental Learning our dear Maharaja Ranbir Singh-ji with the following Self-description
श्रीमन्महाराजाधिराज जम्बू-काश्मीरतिब्बताद्यनेकादेशाधीश प्रभुवर श्रीमहाराज रणवीर सिंह बहादुरजी की आज्ञानुसार यह हर्ष चरित महाकाव्य विद्या विलास नामक मुद्रा यंत्रालय में शिब्बामल्ल के अधिकार से मुद्रित संवत् १९३६ ज्यैष्ठ प्र ६
These days I am in New Delhi and besides petitioning/liasing (with several Individuals, Bureaucrats,Ministers, Digitization Houses/Archivists ) advocating Open Access/Free Availabilty of all Govt Digital Initiatives/Cultural Archives ( NMM, IGNCA, AIR, DD Archives all belong to the Net not the Private Cloud/ and in some Cases CDs/DVDs, ie Humans not Machines, Open Doors not Locked Mansions, Democratization of Cultural Information not the oligarchy of barely Literate Computer Operators hanging over there Computers/almiras of stacked CDs); I will be attending the IGNCA organized Abhinavagupta Millenium Celeberations on 15th-17th Dec 2016. I encourage all to attend this Conference where some of the best minds of the World are congregating. I will be carrying my eBook/eManuscript Data for sharing with anyone interested
Yesterday,  I was very fortunate to visit the premises of in Noida – a very vibrant Office not least the Man behind the endeavour Shri Sanjay Shroff. Rekhta Staff very kindly showed me there godown of Books which is a few thousands of mostly Urdu and some Persian and Hindi/Sanskrit Books.
The Hindi/Sanskrit Section were exclusively Naval Kishore Press Donations. Of the 5-6 packed Almiras, no more than 100 unique items exist as most books are multiple copies.
Some quick pictures of the Naval Kishore Hindi/Sanskrit Collection I managed to snap can be seen below:
This one book really caught my attention a Hindi Translation and Tika on the Guru Grantha Sahib which was very graciously digitized on the Spot:
The FB Post with musings can be read here.
I saw some Vedantic Translations by Rai Bahadur Zalim Singh, that were other than his works we encountered in Srinagar.
Rekhta has invited me to spend few hours in there godown and pick each unique title from the Devanagari Collection – which they will then digitize as well – something they didnt have in there Agenda for the Near Future but a much appreciated gesture towards me and my Comprehensive Digitization of Naval Kishore Publications Project.
Hope to see everyone at IGNCA Premises, New Delhi

Chetan Pandey

You never enjoy the world aright, till the Sea itself floweth in your veins, till you are clothed with the heavens, and crowned with the stars – Traherne, Centuries of Meditation

eGangotri 22: Illustrated Manuscript from Chinma Punjab, 1890 Prose Translation in Hindi of Arabian Nights and Varah Mihir’s Astronomical Worl etc

In this Issue, I have 3 Minor Digital Work to highlight besides our regular Work.
I begin with thanking Dr Narinder Sharma from Noida, for approaching us to digitize his 7 Ancestral Manuscripts from Chimna, Punjab all now viewable at:
One of these has beautiful Illustrations:

We are also grateful to the very kind people at KECSS ( Kashmir Educational Scientific Research Society ) , Pamposh Enclave, New Delhi who had all this while had photocopies of 9 Sharada Manuscripts – originally from Pratap Singh Museum, Srinagar now digitized thanks to Trustees/President Shr B.B.Dhar and Shri Arun Shaliaji

Amongst these 9 manuscripts, the scholarly world is particularly lucky that a copy of Ishvara Pratyabhijna along with Gitartha Sangraha of Abhinavagupta in 700 over pages was also present.

Through the Kindness of UPSS, Lucknow Librarian Shri  Jagdananada Jha, some 19th Century and Early 20th Century Rare Books also came to us at our Lucknow Center.

These can be viewed here:

Some of these Printed Texts are modeled on a Traditional Manuscript such as :

Hindi Translation of the Kashmirian Mammata’s Kavya Prakash is another Rare find:

Among Manuscripts in we have many curiosities:

A 1890 Hindi Prose Translation of Arabian Nights, Sahasra Rajni Charitra

The 10th Century Astronomical Text Brihat Samhita of Varah Mihir

3 Volumes of Sur Sagar

which is the Personal Copy of Maharaja Ranbir Singh as evident from the following lines in the Last Page

This Text is for the Reading of Shriman Maharaja Sahib Ranbir Singh Bahadur GCSI, Indra, Mahendra, Sipah Saltanat Jambu, Kashmir, Tibet etc-Pati(Lord)

Rasa Ratnakar of Nitya Nath Siddha is listed as Ayurveda(Alchemy)

Stuti Kusumanja of Jagaddhar Bhatta – a published Kashmirian Work

A Vedic Manuscript with Svaras:

As usual, all other manuscripts can be viewed at there usual Home.

I keep urging my dear Readers – similar to Dr. Narendra and Jagadanada Jha ji – to approach us if they have manuscript or Rare Books Collections.

I am hoping to start receiving some grant soon, this will increase my budget somewhat.

If any body on my List knows any Manuscript Collection in the Indian Sub Continent with a bias towards Mysticism, who would like there Collection digitized for free  please inform us. I will be grateful to use my grant money for this purpose.

May All Books and Manuscripts in the World be saved as eBooks.

Chetan Pandey

You never enjoy the world aright, till the Sea itself floweth in your veins, till you are clothed with the heavens, and crowned with the stars – Traherne, Centuries of Meditation