eGangotri 25:Almira 24 Completed. 69 Telugu Script Manuscripts. Śrī Magazine of Kashmir from 1934.Public-Indations from Pre-Independence Lahore

Almira 24 Completed:
All 5 Shelves of Almira 24 containing 187 Texts have been completed. Subjects covered included Vedic works, Upanishads, Puranas, some Hindi Translations offering us rare specimens of 19th Cenutry Hindi Prose, and Sanskrit Works in Telugu Script.
All 187 Texts are viewable below:

Mentionables were  –

Prabodha Chandrodaya with Hindi Translation

Raj Neeti (Hindi)

Sarasawta Prakriya the Grammatical Work with Hindi Tika

Manusmriti with Hindi Tika

Ramayanas with Hindi Tika:

A Maha Kavya by the Kashmirian Mahim Bhatta with a Strange Name: Ravana-Arjuniyam

An Ayurvedic Text Rasa Ratnakar

Report on Sanskrit Documents in Telugu Characters can be seen below
3 Issues of Śrī Magazine(Quarterly from Srinagar) from circa 1930s 
First brought to my attention by Demian Martins, the Brazilian Sanskritist based in Vrindavan – it had been a pleasant surprise to know that there had been Sanskrit magazines published from Srinagar.
Inquiries with Shri Kokilu of Delhi apprised me that the magazine was a name he had heard as a child in Kashmir but had never seen any issue.
Just this month at the Jammu residence of the Octogenarian Sanskrit Scholar and Poet, Recipient President’s Award , Shri B.N. Kalla, three issues of Śrī have been found with a publication Date of 1934.
It has among other writings, Sanskrit articles by the polymath Rahul Sanskrityayan and Nityananda Shastri( a famous Sktist from Kashmir of the Early 20th Century.
Shri B.N. Kalla’s family is very kindly allowing us access to his Collection which will include Shri Kalla’s entire oeuvre of which Kashmir Krandanam we have already digitized from Srinagar. Thanks to Kiran Kalla, Son of Shri B.N. Kalla – and Shri Vinod Razdan Sahib for recommending us – and make this happen.
Kalla Sahib’s Text will be made available at the following Link.
Rare Books 
51 Rare Books were digitized in this Period.
Most Interesting was this Lahore Publication of 1929 with a Sanskrit Tika Sphota Vimarshini on the First Two Ahniks of Patanjali’s Grammatical Commentary Mahabhashya.
Sphota Theory was first propounded by  Bhartrihari in the 6th Century and is a Mystical Theory of Lingusitic Communication.
The following sheds some light on this important Linguistic Concept:
For Bhartrihari, linguistic meaning cannot be conveyed or accounted for by the physical utterance and perception of sounds, so he puts forth the sphota theory: the theory which posits the meaning-unit, which for him is the sentence, as a single entity.

A.C Woolner and his VC-hood of Punjab University is mentioned in the Cover Page.

Durga Saptashati with 7 Tikas 1894:

An 1887 English Translation of Naval Kishore Press

Mathematical Text Leelavati (1894)

Sahitya Mimansa another Text from Pre-Independence Lahore

Interesting tidbits from the Net
Found this Great Digital Collection of Old and Rare Books by the University of Toronto with 524 Sanskrit Texts
Urdu was the Second Highest Indian Language with 495 Texts:
Main Page of All Digitized Texts from Toronto numbering over 5 Lakhs:
ries of Meditation

Know Indian Copyright Laws Series – I. All Books published before 1958 are in the Public Domain

All Books published before the passing of the Copyright Act, 1957 applicable from 21 January 1958, are governed by the The Indian Copyright Act, 1914.

According to this Law, any Work looses copyright after 50 years of its publication. Therefore, for a text published in 1957,  is already in the Public Domain by the Year 2007. Hence, can be republished and transmitted in any means freely.


eGangotri 23: More Copies of Sri Vidya Nitya Paddhati of Sahib Kaul; A Stash of Rare Sanskrit Books from Lucknow ; Guru Grantha Pradipa Hindi Tika of Guru Grantha Sahib

More Copies of Sahib Kaul’s Sri Vidya Nitya Paddhati have been found – besides the two we did last time.
Thanks to Subject Tagging, Items digitized exclusively since Last Newsletter for the 23rd News Letter can be selectively seen in this Filtered View:
With this Issue the Entire Almira 25 is over and as evident from the Filtered List above most Texts were related to Agama Shastra.
Our Digitizations of Shelf-1 Almira 24 have started and this shelf is mostly Vedic Texts.
In Lucknow, thanks to a Sanskrit Activist – who doesn’t want to be identified – we have got access to the Collection of a Deceased Scholar of Vyakarana which has mostly very old Books occupying 10 packed Almiras.
The following Account will be dedicated to books from this Center.
The Oldest from the 3 Almiras we have examined so far is this Edition of Harsha Charita printed at Vidya Vilas Press, Benares in 1880 ( 1936 V.E ) , by the Great Patron of Oriental Learning our dear Maharaja Ranbir Singh-ji with the following Self-description
श्रीमन्महाराजाधिराज जम्बू-काश्मीरतिब्बताद्यनेकादेशाधीश प्रभुवर श्रीमहाराज रणवीर सिंह बहादुरजी की आज्ञानुसार यह हर्ष चरित महाकाव्य विद्या विलास नामक मुद्रा यंत्रालय में शिब्बामल्ल के अधिकार से मुद्रित संवत् १९३६ ज्यैष्ठ प्र ६
These days I am in New Delhi and besides petitioning/liasing (with several Individuals, Bureaucrats,Ministers, Digitization Houses/Archivists ) advocating Open Access/Free Availabilty of all Govt Digital Initiatives/Cultural Archives ( NMM, IGNCA, AIR, DD Archives all belong to the Net not the Private Cloud/ and in some Cases CDs/DVDs, ie Humans not Machines, Open Doors not Locked Mansions, Democratization of Cultural Information not the oligarchy of barely Literate Computer Operators hanging over there Computers/almiras of stacked CDs); I will be attending the IGNCA organized Abhinavagupta Millenium Celeberations on 15th-17th Dec 2016. I encourage all to attend this Conference where some of the best minds of the World are congregating. I will be carrying my eBook/eManuscript Data for sharing with anyone interested
Yesterday,  I was very fortunate to visit the premises of in Noida – a very vibrant Office not least the Man behind the endeavour Shri Sanjay Shroff. Rekhta Staff very kindly showed me there godown of Books which is a few thousands of mostly Urdu and some Persian and Hindi/Sanskrit Books.
The Hindi/Sanskrit Section were exclusively Naval Kishore Press Donations. Of the 5-6 packed Almiras, no more than 100 unique items exist as most books are multiple copies.
Some quick pictures of the Naval Kishore Hindi/Sanskrit Collection I managed to snap can be seen below:
This one book really caught my attention a Hindi Translation and Tika on the Guru Grantha Sahib which was very graciously digitized on the Spot:
The FB Post with musings can be read here.
I saw some Vedantic Translations by Rai Bahadur Zalim Singh, that were other than his works we encountered in Srinagar.
Rekhta has invited me to spend few hours in there godown and pick each unique title from the Devanagari Collection – which they will then digitize as well – something they didnt have in there Agenda for the Near Future but a much appreciated gesture towards me and my Comprehensive Digitization of Naval Kishore Publications Project.
Hope to see everyone at IGNCA Premises, New Delhi

Chetan Pandey

You never enjoy the world aright, till the Sea itself floweth in your veins, till you are clothed with the heavens, and crowned with the stars – Traherne, Centuries of Meditation

eGangotri 22: Illustrated Manuscript from Chinma Punjab, 1890 Prose Translation in Hindi of Arabian Nights and Varah Mihir’s Astronomical Worl etc

In this Issue, I have 3 Minor Digital Work to highlight besides our regular Work.
I begin with thanking Dr Narinder Sharma from Noida, for approaching us to digitize his 7 Ancestral Manuscripts from Chimna, Punjab all now viewable at:
One of these has beautiful Illustrations:

We are also grateful to the very kind people at KECSS ( Kashmir Educational Scientific Research Society ) , Pamposh Enclave, New Delhi who had all this while had photocopies of 9 Sharada Manuscripts – originally from Pratap Singh Museum, Srinagar now digitized thanks to Trustees/President Shr B.B.Dhar and Shri Arun Shaliaji

Amongst these 9 manuscripts, the scholarly world is particularly lucky that a copy of Ishvara Pratyabhijna along with Gitartha Sangraha of Abhinavagupta in 700 over pages was also present.

Through the Kindness of UPSS, Lucknow Librarian Shri  Jagdananada Jha, some 19th Century and Early 20th Century Rare Books also came to us at our Lucknow Center.

These can be viewed here:

Some of these Printed Texts are modeled on a Traditional Manuscript such as :

Hindi Translation of the Kashmirian Mammata’s Kavya Prakash is another Rare find:

Among Manuscripts in we have many curiosities:

A 1890 Hindi Prose Translation of Arabian Nights, Sahasra Rajni Charitra

The 10th Century Astronomical Text Brihat Samhita of Varah Mihir

3 Volumes of Sur Sagar

which is the Personal Copy of Maharaja Ranbir Singh as evident from the following lines in the Last Page

This Text is for the Reading of Shriman Maharaja Sahib Ranbir Singh Bahadur GCSI, Indra, Mahendra, Sipah Saltanat Jambu, Kashmir, Tibet etc-Pati(Lord)

Rasa Ratnakar of Nitya Nath Siddha is listed as Ayurveda(Alchemy)

Stuti Kusumanja of Jagaddhar Bhatta – a published Kashmirian Work

A Vedic Manuscript with Svaras:

As usual, all other manuscripts can be viewed at there usual Home.

I keep urging my dear Readers – similar to Dr. Narendra and Jagadanada Jha ji – to approach us if they have manuscript or Rare Books Collections.

I am hoping to start receiving some grant soon, this will increase my budget somewhat.

If any body on my List knows any Manuscript Collection in the Indian Sub Continent with a bias towards Mysticism, who would like there Collection digitized for free  please inform us. I will be grateful to use my grant money for this purpose.

May All Books and Manuscripts in the World be saved as eBooks.

Chetan Pandey

You never enjoy the world aright, till the Sea itself floweth in your veins, till you are clothed with the heavens, and crowned with the stars – Traherne, Centuries of Meditation

eGangotri 21. ICPR Workshop on Kashmir Shaivism. Awards for Digital Preservation Work. And More Manuscript and Rare Books News

Trika Workshop in Lucknow(Sept 21- Oct 1 )
The Indian Council of Philosophical Research (ICPR)is organizing a Workshop (for 11 Days) on Trika Philosophy of Kashmir (i.e. Kashmir Saivism) from September 21 to October 1, 2016 at ICPR Academic Centre, Lucknow, Professor Navjivan Rastogi my Guruji is the Coordinator of the program.
         Last Date of receiving applications is 15th July 2016. 
Please do rush as the last date of Application is just around.
Awards for Digital Preservation Work
Digital Preservation Coalition(DPC) is a UK-based non-profit limited company which seeks to secure the preservation of digital resources in the UK and internationally to secure the global digital memory and knowledge base. 
There prestigious 2016 awards for Best Digital Preservation Work in 6 Categories is open for all Individuals and Insititutions working for Digital Preservation globally.
Application and Information is viewable below:
So if you have digitized Texts, Audio, Videos etc and worked for preserving Human Civilization’s Digital Memory, here is your Opportunity to find Esteemed Recognition and pathway to future Grants.
But do remember the last date of ApplicationJuly 21stis around the Corner. So hurry.
Manuscript News
Few more Shelves of Almira 26 all Tantric Works have been completely digitized. Remarkable entries are:
Another Rudryamala has been digitized:
A Transliteration of Bhagavata Gita in Persian Characters
Vidyaranava Agama

Shyama Rahasya

Shyama Rahasya 5904 Almira 26 Shlf 3 Devanagari Tantra : eGangotri : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive

All Latest Manuscripts Viewable at:
Rare Books News:
A 4-Language Translation of the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam in 508 Pages – includes English, French, German and Arabic with several Color Illustrations

A Sanskrit Compilation of Pre-Partition Lahore including Bhartrahari shataka’s

Ayodhya Kanda Geeta Bhartihari Shatak Buddha Charit Etc Printed In Lahore : eGangotri : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive

Bhagwan Gopinath Of Kashmir Gopinath Trust : eGangotri : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive

A 1889 English Translation of Ananda Lahari, littered with mystical diagrams and exposition make the edition very useful

English Translation of Panchastavi by Revered Mystic GopiNath of Kashmir

Panchastavi By Gopi Krishna Central Institute For Kundalini Research Srinagar : eGangotri : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive

Another Stein Work on the Ancient Geography of Kashmir – the Colonial Sanskritist who had done precious and valuable work in Kashmir – including the catalog of the Library we are digitizing:

Memoir On Maps Illustrating The Ancient Geography Of Kashmir M. A. Stein : eGangotri : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive

Some kind of Manuscript

Avatara Names In Bhagavata Hand Written Manuscript RK Ashram Srinagar : eGangotri : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive

All Viewable in chronologically descending Order:

Sarai Donations
Old Issues of Hindi Magazines Sarswati, Janavani and Bhavishya from the 30s recieved from Sarai are digitized/viewable at

Chetan Pandey

You never enjoy the world aright, till the Sea itself floweth in your veins, till you are clothed with the heavens, and crowned with the stars – Traherne, Centuries of Meditation

eGangotri 20: Unesco IFPC Grant; Stein’s Tantric Collection Completed; Prof Shahid Urdu Collection Completed; Oldest Printed Work of Abhinavagupta

IFPC Unseco Grant
I confess I am late in passing this information , but there is still time till May 31st 2016 for applying to the IFPC Unesco Grant worth 20,000 to 100,000 USD for any Work related to Cultural Preservation or Novel Creation. All it  takes is to fill an Online Form.
Please view details below:
All my friends in this List – who are working in the field of Culture and Preservation – please do apply and I hope everybody who applies gets it.
Prof Shahid Amim Urdu Collection
Thanks once gain to Shri Ravikant of Sarai ( CSDS ) who had lent us the Old and Rare Urdu Books Collection of  Prof Shahid of Delhi University, all the 70-ish Urdu books save a few whose pages were giving away on touch have finally been digitized.
Many interesting Titles amongst a very Rich Literary Selection are:
Essays on Rumi in Urdu
2 Urdu Ramayans
An 1890 Translation into English and Persian from its Turkish Original – unfortunately fragmentary
The Holy Bible in Persian and Urdu
Poetry of Bollywood Fame Urdu Poet Majruh Sultanpuri and Qateel Shifai, works of Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad are some other interesting titles.
Around 10-15 books in the Collection were Naval Kishore Publications – whose complete Online Archive – is one of our upcoming Project and more details below.
Steing Tantra Collection
All Stein Tantra Volumes have now been completed and viewable as usual at:
Only Item 4933 Sharada Tilak from the List couldnt be located though but another Sharada Tilak in the List was done
This Copy of Rudrayamal Tantra is an important rare much in demand manuscript
This could be a very rare and important manuscript
since its author is Bhatta Narayan Kantha – a Shaivite whose oeuvre is discussed in Sanderson’s articles.
The following three are Lexical Works on Agama/Mantra Shastra
Since, Stein’s Tantric Collections are over now, we are back to Our Original Almira 27 and now digitizing the remaining Musical Manuscripts.
This One has 3 Scripts and Four Languages – Devanagari( Sankrit/Hindi), Gurumukhi, and Perso-Arabic(Urdu)
Ther Other Musical Works are:
Hindola Rag
Deepak Rag
Deepak Rag above had some nice illustrations:
Rare Book News
Oldest Kashmiri Shaivite Publication in Print ( and Oldest Work to be translated in a Modern Language ) traced
While reading Ulrike Strike’s riveting An Empire of Books on Munshi Naval Kishore Press’ Career of almost a century  I was delighted  to come across the following  Entry  in the Appendix
wherein is mentioned the 1876 Publication of Paramartha Sara by Abhinavagupta plus a Hindi Translation.
My Guruji Prof Navjivan Rastogi had informed me in the Past that he had heard of such a Publication of this Text by Naval Kishore in the 19th Century but he  was uncertain if the Title was really Abhinavagauptan.
I urge scholars if they can ever come across this Text and make it available for Digitization.
The Amir-ud-daula Library which houses around 2000 Donated Naval Kishore Publications doesnt have this book mentioned in there Catalog – see below.
Naval Kishore Archives Project
I was very fortunate to speak to the founder of, Shri Sanjiv Saraf. Mr. Saraf’s Digital Initiative to preserve Old and Rare Urdu Books has already made 20,000 Urdu Literary Works online. Staff apprised me that they have received Truck Loads of Books from Naval Kishore Press Descendants  and since there only focus is Urdu Literature, I have been assured I can get access to the remaining Sanskrit, Hindi and Persian Texts and non-Literary Urdu Texts as well which they will not digitize.
Besides the Gates of Amir-ud-Daula Library will be opened soon to us also where they house around 2000 Titles of Naval Kishore Press in the Naval Kishore Room
The Catalog of this Collection can be seen below once again:
Other Rare Book News
Few Stray and Interesting Rare Titles:
A Sufi Work
Lal Vakh Translations in Urdu in Two Volumes
These 2 are Kashmirian Publication from Bombay of Keshava Bhatta a Kashmiri Sanskritist and we have digitized quite a few of his Publications. Keshava Bhatt’s Commissionings of Publications to Nirnaya Sagar Press  are appended there, so the List is Known and this can be used to tally with whatever has been done and at some point of time bring all his Works in Public Domain and with Certainty state that his works have been exhaustively brought out.
Hope all my friends who apply can make it to the Grant.

eGangotri 19: Holi Issue. Krama PhD, Naval Kishore Press Books

In this Issue of eGangotri I have a very special Text .
The Two Volume Unpublished PhD of Guruji Navjivan Rastogi on Krama Monism.

The Philosphy Of Krama Monism Of Kashmir An Analytical Study Vol. II Navjivan Rastogi : eGangotri : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive

The Second Volume Guruji had redacted into a Book unpublished to date which we uploaded in 2014

Metaphysics and Tantric Esotericism of Krama : Unreduced Version : Navjivan Rastogi : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive

The Availability of this Unpublished PhD will greatly add to the amount of meagre information on one of the Most Esoteric Schools of Indian Mysticism the Krama.

Naval Kishore Press:

Thanks to Ulrike Stark and her book

Empire of Books, An: The Naval Kishore Press and the Diffusion of the Printed Word in Colonial India

My attention was first drawn to the fact that the Legendary Nawal Kishor Press is still quasi-operational and that his descendants still cherish his memory and are eager to keep the flame of his work alive. After much search I was able to track Padma Shri Dr. Ranjit Bhargava – descendant – who has given me a cache of around 60 Unique Titles of Naval Kishor Press, including

Urdu Ramayan

Urdu Simhasan Batisi

Indra Sabha Amanat

Hindi Mahabharat etc

All these Unique Titles can be viewed below:

Naval Kishore Publications in Sanskrit, Hindi, Urdu | Facebook

A few of these books have been digitized already and can be viewed at the following account created exclusively to host Naval Kishore Publications:

Dr. Ranjit Bhargava – who had donated all Naval Kishore books to the Amir-ud-daula Library, Lucknow , amongst other institutions – has also written us a Letter of Introduction asking the Library Authorities to allows us to digitize these Texts.
A Few Pictures my staff took of the Naval Kishore Room of Amir-ud-daula Library can be seen here:
As you can see there is a cutting of Avadh Akhbar – one of the oldest newspapers of Urdu in India.
The Catalog of these Naval Kishore Books can be read here:
The Number of Books according to Languages are as follows:
Sanskrit 71
Hindi 194
Other Publications in Hindi 32(Ram Kumar Press, a subsidiary )  + 14
Persian 699
Urdu 381
Arabic 156
Hopefully we can start digitizing these books in a month or so.
The archive account gives a brief synopsis of the career of Naval Kishore Press. Naval Kishore Press is especially remembered in Pakistan for his huge contribution to Indo-Islamic Publishing in the nascent stage of Printing Industry. I thank Dr. Bhargava profusely for his kindness in making this possible.
Our next target are the brilliant guys at based in Noida and who received a much larger collection from Dr. Bhargava and are doing a phenomenal job of digitizing Rare Urdu Books of poetry
Anyone with the direct contact info of Shri Sanjiv Sarraf, proprietor will be appreciated.
Since they are only concentrating on Poetry, I hope they will let us come in the picture and do non-literary works and Hindi/Sanskrit Books they have recieved.
Ulrike Stark’s book makes very riveting reading I recommend it to everyone interested in the Indian Cultural Renaissance happening in the Late 19th Century.
Digitized Books:
As mentioned in my last Newsletter, we were fortunate that the Naval Kishore 1880 Hindi Translation of the Bhagavata Gita was found at Ram Shaiva Ashram, Srinagar.
This is another BG Translation of Anand Giri’s Tika of 1921

This above also was one of the last remaining books that were left in Ram Shaiva Ashram Fateh Kadal.

Now with the exception of Uttara Gita with Gaudapada Karika, which we should get hold of soon, all Ram Shaiva Ashram Texts are finally digitized.

Mr. Roshan Kaul the care-taker we wish him all the best for his most kind assistance.

Other digitized Rare Books can be seen below:
In Manuscript work , we continue following the Venerable Stein and his List of Tantric Works.
Recent entries can be seen here.
Chetan Pandey

You never enjoy the world aright, till the Sea itself floweth in your veins, till you are clothed with the heavens, and crowned with the stars – Traherne, Centuries of Meditation

eGangotri 18: Raghunath Temple Manuscripts Mentioned in Gopinath Kaviraj Manuscript All Digitized



In this Issue we have completed digitization of the Tantric Manuscripts at Raghunath Temple that were referred by MM Gopinath Kaviraj in his Work Tantric Sahitya ( Tantrik Literature ).
Viewable at:

The Hindi Document Tantric Sahitya of MM Kaviraj ji is Viewable at:

A Singe Work Samayachaara(1203) couldn’t be located.

The Largest Agama Kalpalata is at 623 Pages.
Text Shiva Tandava was also interesting for having numerous Magickal Squares and Other Magickal Geometric Polygons.
Also at Facebook:

Some other interesting names:

Amnaya Guru Mandal Devatarchan Kramavalli 4898 Alm 22 Shlf 2 Devanagari Tantra : eGangotri : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive


Amnaya Guru Mandal Devatarchan Kramavalli 4898 Alm …
Manuscripts of Dharmartha Trust ( धर्मार्थ ट्रस्ट ) at Raghunath Temple, Jammu,J&K
View on
Preview by Yahoo
Sharabh Sahasranama Stotra In Akash Bhairava Kalpa 4856 Alm 22 Shlf 1 Devanagari Tantra : eGangotri : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive


Sharabh Sahasranama Stotra In Akash Bhairava Kalpa 485…
Manuscripts of Dharmartha Trust ( धर्मार्थ ट्रस्ट ) at Raghunath Temple, Jammu,J&K
View on
Preview by Yahoo
We have now started targetting Stein’s List of Tantric Works ( which overlap with Kaviraj’s List)

So by next Issue you should be able to see all Tantric Manuscripts of Stein.

Amongst Rare Books we have done, mentionable is the 1894 Bhagavata Gita Hindi Translation of Nawal Kishor Press:
There is another 1880 Hindi Tika of Bhagavata Gita in Srinagar we know of by Nawal Kishor Press and we hope to digitize it soon.

Purna Prajna Darshana is an 1883 Publication of the Free Sanskrit College of Jibananada Vidya Sagar

Purna Prajna Darshana 1883 Pt. Jibananda Vidyasagara : eGangotri : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive


Purna Prajna Darshana 1883 Pt. Jibananda Vidyasagara : …
Indological Books related to Sanskrit Learning ( संस्कृत )
View on
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Dvaitokti Ratnamala is another unusual Publication from Calcutta by Panchanana Tarka Ratna Bhattacharya using the Shaka Era 1838 ( 1916 CE ).
Another Book of interest for its mixed use of Urdu and Tatsama Hindi were some Old Book of Sermons from Advaita Ashram Mathura.
The 3 Volumes we found of a possible Decalogy are below :

Advaitananada Ya Sachidananda Prakash:

This Tika on Bhagavata Gita by Lahiri Mahashaya has a Preface by Goinath Kaviraj also.

Other Rare books available at:
Wanted to remind my dear readers who follow my blog

has now been renamed to to better reflect our Name and Brand so please update your bookmarks accordingly.